TECHNOMETAL is an extrovertcompany, aiming at continuous improvement of processes and products, fast customer serviceconsistently, maintaining competitive costs in its services and spreading to international markets.

Since 2005 and with continuous and unremitting efforts, company has managed in 2018 to have sales in European countries which accounted for 65% of its turnover.

Implementing a long-term investment plan, maintaining flexibility through continuous staff training, precise delivery times, technical excellence of products and a commitment to better customer service, helps achieve these goals and establish thecompany as a reliable partner.

Company's premises are at a nodal position, with direct access to an international airport, next to a commercial port and interconnection with a modern road and railway network with the rest of Europe.

Core principles of the company are fully aligned with the goals outlined above and are consistency, continuous improvement, professionalism and flexibility, striving to make the company a milestone for domestic industry and an international role player.